Who is the MA for?

A Masters-level course is not about giving people the ABC of how to organise - it is for people who already know the basics, but are asking themselves if what they are doing is actually going in the direction they want it to. We have found people from a very wide range of different movements have enjoyed and benefitted from the course - along with some people who have already done a lot of thinking about how to change the world but hadn't yet got engaged in doing so. 

We are particularly focussed on helping people to think about their own organising and educational strategies - and to think for the medium and long term. Ireland in particular is in a new and uncertain period for activism when it makes little sense to simply train people for the relatively small number of pre-existing (mostly short-term contract) jobs in the area: we are much more interested in supporting people who want to create something new and with a bigger purpose. One of the few givens about the future (and not just in Ireland!) is that social movements and community action are not going away: our graduates are among those defining the new shape of struggles for social change.