Tuesday, 28 February 2012

CEESA new module titles for next year

Not to worry - we haven't changed the course contents (though we have decided that the module on feminism should be a core one for everyone!) But we did take the time to go through the titles of the different elements and see if we could give them names which make it clearer what they actually represent. So...

The two core modules running across both semesters are now
"Community of praxis" (was: Praxis and community participation) and
"Researching and completing your thesis" (no change).

The four one-semester core modules are now
"Radical education and critical pedagogy" (was: Critical pedagogy in critical adult and community education)
"Equality and social justice" (was: Understanding equality and inequality)
"Power and politics" (no change)
"Feminist theory and practice" (was: Politics of feminism and masculinities)

We hope you agree that these are a bit less obscure!

This year's elective options (all titles remaining the same) will be
"Critical media and cultural pedagogy in communities"
"Participatory action research in social movement practice"
"The politics of environmental justice"
"The market, the state and social movements"
"Sustaining communities"
"Nature and society"

You can get a sense of what most of these modules are like from this year's preliminary readings.