Monday, 24 September 2012

Bateson "An ecology of mind" in Maynooth

Gregory Bateson's daughter Nora Bateson will present the film An Ecology of Mind in NUI Maynooth's Hume Theatre 7 on Tuesday Oct 9th at 7.00 pm, and will stay for Q and A afterwards. 

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The significance of Gregory Bateson was summarized by Frijof Capra:

To use a popular phrase, Bateson taught us how to connect the dots, and this is critical today not only in science but also in politics and civic life, as most of our political and corporate leaders show a striking inability to connect the dots. For example, if we improved the fuel efficiency of our cars by just 3 mpg, which could be very easily done, we would not have to import any oil from the Persian Gulf. But instead, they prefer to fight a war that kills tens of thousands of innocent people, while the greenhouse gases produced by our cars increase the force of hurricanes that make millions homeless and cause billions of dollars of damages.