Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Radical Routes housing co-ops network tour of Ireland

Radical Routes Ireland presents

How to set up a housing co-operative

All-Island speaking tour 2014:
Cork Oct 25th, Dublin Oct 26th, Galway Nov 1st, Derry Nov 2nd.

Today in Ireland we find ourselves with an acute housing crisis, but the general discourse implies that all the power to affect change lies with private business and government.
We want to promote and encourage the ideas of a grassroots-led approach to solving the housing crisis.

People can empower themselves by working together in their communities to make housing a collectively-owned resource rather than an asset to be speculated on by developers.
Co-operative housing could offer a way out of the precarious rental market and the trap of long-term mortgage debt.

Established in the 1980's, the Radical Routes network has over 35 member co-ops throughout the UK which are residential projects of all shapes and sizes as well as a number of workers co-operatives. Member co-ops work together in legal, financial and planning working groups, providing advice and support to eachother as well as new members. The idea is based on mutual aid and solidarity, and a determination that access to housing is a right and not a privilege.

Radical Routes begin an all-island speaking tour on Saturday October 25th in Cork, and continue to Dublin (October 26th), Galway (November 1st) and Derry (November 2nd). The Events are free and open to the public to attend. Please contact 086-3614554 or radicalroutesireland@gmail.com for more details or find us online at radicalroutes.org.uk or on our facebook event pages.