Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Three CEESA-linked events this April

Three CEESA-linked events coming up this April:

Monday - Tuesday 13th and 14th
John Holloway seminar "Think hope, think crisis"

Free two-day event for activists and researchers with one of the leading thinkers in today's anti-systemic movements.

More details here.

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th
Grassroots Gathering 2015 "Joining the dots"

Social movements and communities in struggle coming together for a weekend of discussion, reflection and craic.

More details here; poster and video here.

Tuesday 21st
Terry Dunne / Anna Szolucha seminar "Social movements and collective agency"

Threatening letters to early 19th century landlords and direct democracy in Occupy - two recent PhDs in social movements present their work.

More details here.

This year's application deadline for the MA is May 29th. See the middle column on http://ceesa-ma.blogspot.ie/ for everything you might need to know about the course.