Friday, 19 March 2010

Course content

This full-time MA programme consists of 90 Post Graduate credits, at Level 9 on the Qualifications Framework. Students will complete the Thesis and Research Module (30 credits), four core modules (10 credit) and select 20 credits from the rest of the programme of elective modules 5 credit each). The programme will offer a choice of 3 elective modules per semester, of which, students will complete 2.

The course involves two days a week on campus (typically Monday and Tuesday) over two twelve-week semesters, along with independent reading and study which you should expect to take another two days equivalent during the rest of the week. Your thesis, which is usually linked to an activist project you are involved in or aiming to develop, typically takes about four months after the end of formal classes.

Core modules:

  • Critical pedagogy in adult and community education
  • Equality, social justice and sustainable development
  • Power, politics and praxis
  • Praxis and community participation
  • Thesis and research

Elective modules (may not all be offered in any given year):

  • The politics of environmental justice
  • Critical media and cultural pedagogy
  • The market, the state and social movements
  • Feminism and masculinities
  • Utopian literature and popular empowerment
  • Sustainable organising
  • Strategies for transformation
  • Political economy of development
  • Globalisation and its discontents
  • The search for good work
  • Social movements, old and new
  • Critical community development and skills for grassroots organising
  • Meaningful work for equality and praxis
  • Radical democracy

Research methods options (may not all be offered in any given year):

  • Participatory action research in social movement practice
  • Life history methods
  • Qualitative research
  • Comparative research
  • Quantitative research / SPSS
  • Surveys