Friday, 3 September 2010

CEESA modules available 2010

Core modules:
  • Critical pedagogy in adult and community education
  • Equality, social justice and sustainable development
  • Power, politics and praxis
  • Praxis and community participation
  • Researching and completing your thesis (This module will include three distinct elements - Methodological paradigms and workshop on qualitative research methods; Group supervision and reflexive research; Thesis and research completion).
These are all co-taught by several CEESA staff.

Elective modules:

Semester one: one of
  • Social Movements (Sociology: Pauline Cullen, Peter Murray)
  • Participatory action research in social movement practice (CEESA: Laurence Cox)
  • Quantitative analysis * (Geography)
  • Teaching and learning social science * (Faculty of Social Science)

Semester two: one of

  • Feminism and masculinities (CEESA: Bríd Connolly, Theresa O'Keeffe)
  • Market, state and social movements (CEESA: Fergal Finnegan)
  • Qualitative analysis * (Sociology: Paul Ryan)
  • Power and inequality * (Sociology: Mary Murphy)
  • Teaching and learning social science (Faculty of Social Science)

Electives marked * may cause timetabling difficulties but we are happy to facilitate students who wish to take these.

We dropped other elective offerings very reluctantly and decided that we would offer a series of "spots" on each of three subjects throughout the course of the year, available to all students. These are:

  • The politics of environmental justice (Michael Murray)
  • Critical media and cultural pedagogy (Bernie Grummell and others)
  • Sustainable organising (Laurence Cox)


We had originally planned to offer students three elective subjects per semester of which they would take two, but it has become clear that this would mean a very heavy workload for students as well as various other practical difficulties around resources and timetabling. So we have decided to rate electives at 10 credits (equal to core courses, as they are in terms of contact hours) rather than 5 as previously, which means that each student need only take one elective per semester.