Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Social movements conference, Maynooth, Saturday November 26th

Social movements have been a central part of Irish life from Emancipation and the Land League via Carnsore Point and the X case protests to trade union and community struggles. In the age of Rossport and Occupy, anti-austerity protests and alternative media, partnership in crisis and global justice conflicts, how can we understand the realities of social movements?

This conference, the first of its kind in 13 years, brings together 21 presenters studying a wide range of movements in Ireland and beyond, showcasing the state of the art of social movement studies - agency and power, the politics of advocacy, women in movement, movements and media, mapping Irish movements, troubles within movements, researching movements and what movements know. Social movement activists and citizens interested in participatory politics, students and researchers alike will all find something to learn from the lively and varied programme for this event.

The conference is free and open to all, with no advance registration needed. It runs from 9.30am to 6.15pm in NUI Maynooth; tea and coffee are provided. For more information see http://tinyurl.com/irishmovements