Tuesday, 17 January 2012

EYFA sustainable activism course

From European Youth for Action. Note the deadline for applying!

Call for Participants

Course: Building Sustainable Activism
April 13 - 19, 2012
Berlin, Germany Application

Deadline: January 23, 2012

From April 13-19 2012 a course will take place in Berlin, Germany on the
challenges facing activists and activist groups working to create social
change. In activist work the focus is often on social problems outside of
collectives, but to make change it is equally important to be personally
sustainable and part of sustainable groups and collectives.

During the course participants will take part in sessions and workshops on
communication, conflict-resolution, and burnout, relating to internal and
external collective dynamics, and the struggles and challenges they are
faced with in their local contexts.

Participants will take part in exercises encouraging their reflection and
analysis of the personal and interpersonal processes and dynamics involved
when engaging in struggles for a better world. They will also develop a
tool set to help in addressing challenges.

Beyond looking at frustrations and sharing skills towards better
collective working practices, we hope the course will have positive
side-effects in the communities participants will return to.

Course Aims:

* To offer tools to help us work effectively with the personal element of
social engagement.

* To discover ways of maintaining greater personal balance, creativity,
flexibility and resilience and how to stay open and grounded so we are
better empowered for action.

* To learn methods for managing our energy, recognising the importance of
self-care and how to incorporate this in our lives.

* To explore methods which support more skilful communication within our
groups and networks, so we can reduce the energy used in our organisations
resolving (or maintaining) resentments, conflicts, betrayals – and enable
our own groups to better act as an example of the values we are working

* To provide methods and tools for sustainable practices, especially to
young activists.

We will strive for participants to leave the project:

* Feeling well, stronger and motivated to continue their activist work.

* Able to confidently practice and communicate about sustainable/healthy
ways to engage in activism.

* Feeling they can effect change: applying learning and sharing their
experiences with others.

* Able to develop sustainable activist practice both personally and within
their groups.

Practical Information about the Course:

The project working language will be English however we encourage people
with different levels of English to apply.

We will reimburse at least 70% of participant travel (by train and/or bus
– no planes!), food and accommodation costs.

However, we can offer more financial help to those who need it, including
some 100% funded places. Please do not let finances stop you from

EYFA will provide visa support for those who need it.

EYFA is looking for activists from all over Europe with a focus on young
people from Central and Eastern Europe to take part in this opportunity.

Participants must stay for the entire duration of the project. The course
is not suitable for people arriving late or leaving early.

If you are interested please send your answers to the following questions
to email eyfa @ eyfa . org :


* How old are you?

* Where are you from? Where would you be traveling from to get to the

* Do you need further financial help?

* What languages do you speak? Please describe your
speaking/listening/reading/writing levels of English?

* Where did you hear about the project (website, mailing-list, etc.)?


* What is your motivation in applying to participate in this course?

* Tell us a bit about your background and experience with activist work:
What motivates your activism? How is/are the group/s you work in organised
(non-hierarchical? consensus decision making?)?

* What issues or threats do you face in your community/work? What
challenges are you facing that make you feel like you would benefit from
this training?

* Would you be interested on doing any follow-up work in your own community?

* What experience do you have with conflict engagement/communication tools?

DON'T FORGET --- Application Deadline: January 23 2012

This project is made possible with support from European Youth Foundation