Thursday, 5 April 2012

Garda Ombudsman and PR spin

Village magazine has a good article on the Garda Ombudsman's behaviour around the Rossport "rape tape" here. The substance is that as far as the Ombudsman's actions go, the women who made the tape public have been treated as the perpetrators rather than any of the police involved, along with their academic supporters. Here is a report from Shell to Sea on GSOC's behaviour, with statements from Jerrieann Sullivan and from her academic supporters. Earlier updates on this case and background information can be found here.

These problems are not unique to Ireland: as we write, Interface researcher and freelance journalist Austin Mackell is facing trial in Egypt. According to the police, he and his translator Aliya Alwi along with US masters student Derek Ludovici paid children to throw rocks at a police station. His real crime? Trying to interview a leading trade union activist and opponent of the military regime. Jerrieann Sullivan's real crime?