Tuesday, 12 June 2012

So We Stand summer school (deadline June 15)

Late notice just in of the So We Stand summer school in London:

SWS Summer School is an intensive 1-week introduction to community organizing and social change, taking place at sites across London from 7th – 14th July 2012. It is free. Watch this space for the curriculum and surrounding events will be launched soon.

The School is designed for young people who see and experience economic injustice, pollution and racism in their communities and want to find effective and creative ways of fighting for social justice.  In particular, it is dedicated to building the skills of young; women,  people of colour, disabled, working class, and LGBTQI people as the next generation of leaders in the social justice movement. So if you are aged 16 – 30 and want support in how to effectively tackle these issues (or know someone who does) then read on!

Continues here.