Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Conversations about anarchism

This from WSM:

The first of the 2012 Conversations about Anarchism will take place in the WSM space in Seomra Spraoi. Conversations about Anarchism is our friendly discussion based sessions designed for people who are new or fairly new to anarchism and want a chance to ask and hear answered some basic questions.

We are calling this first 2012 session 'An Introduction to Anarchism' and we will be using the five questions from the Anarchist FAQ to start off our conversation. These are

What does "anarchism" mean?
Are anarchists socialists?
Where does anarchism come from?
Why is solidarity important to anarchists?
Are anarchists in favour of organisation?

It's open to anyone with an interest in finding out more about anarchism and will take place Oct 10th, 8pm in the Seomra Spraoi social center (map at ). The Seomra cafe provides a tasty meal from about 7pm on Wednesdays.