Friday, 1 March 2013

Challenging the gas industry

Actions Speak Louder than Words across continents:

Canadian Scientist Jessica Ernst & Meg Rybicki on Fracking Community
Criostoir Mac Cuirc on Shell To Sea

When:  11 March, 1pm (sharp!)
Where: Hall E, Arts Block, NUIM
(#35 / 6B on

Award winning scientist, Jessica Ernst, a 55 year old Canadian scientist with 30 years oil and gas industry experience, is suing the Alberta government, energy regulator - the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), and EnCana for negligence and unlawful activities related to hydraulic fracturing. The technology has become the subject of serious government investigations throughout North America due to surface and groundwater contamination.

Meg Rybicki is a member of the Northwest Network Against Fracking since June 2011 who’s activities include awareness raising, campaigning, lobbying politicians and councillors to ban fracking in Ireland.  Meg is very involved in organising music and arts events that incorporate awareness raising on renewable energy, alternative energy and permaculture, such as O.G.A.M festival and Feile Na Pobal in Tipperary.  Meg is coordinating Jessica’s speaking tour around Ireland and the UK. 

Criostoir Mac Cuirc is a member of Dublin Shell to Sea. A Dublin native Criostoir has been a spokesperson for the group since 2011 and continues to be involved in many aspects of the campaign. Dublin Shell to Sea was set up in 2005 to support the struggle in Mayo against Shell and the Corrib Gas Project. The gas project, directed by a consortium of companies led by Royal Dutch Shell, seeks to bring unrefined gas ashore and to pump it 9km inland through an inhabited area to a refinery located on a boggy hill.

Admission free- all welcome

Organised by No Fracking Dublin in conjunction with CEESA (MA Community Education, Equality & Social Activism) and The Common Room (NUIM soc)