Sunday, 3 November 2013

New issue of Irish Anarchist Review online: solidarity beyond the workplace

Irish Anarchist Review no 8 is now fully online.

This issue of the Irish Anarchist Review, explores the idea of solidarity, beyond the workplace, as it extends to women in struggle, travellers, migrants and others. We look at how, solidarity and mutual aid, should involve, not just supporting the exploited and oppressed, but in assisting them in their struggles, and rather than presenting ourselves as saviors, with the solution to their problems, to listen and help amplify their voices as they work towards their own solutions.


Solidarity for ever?
Apartheid, Irish style
Horizons of our Imaginations: Anarchist & Educations
Many shades, second sex
The conquest of Robots
Creating an Anarchist Theory of Privilege
Interview: Anti-Deportations Ireland
Solidarity, Engagement and the Revolutionary Organisation
Why I became an anarchist
Spanish Civil War walking tour
Book review: Anarchy in a Cold War
Interview: Quebec student movement

Links to each article and the PDF file of the whole magazine can be found here.