Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Meeting on the politics of climate change in Bolivia

 Next Thursday, Feb 20 at 6.30 pm there's a public meeting in the Central Hotel in Exchequer Street, "From the rockface".

Friends of the Earth Board member, Sian Cowman, who spent 6 months in Bolivia last year, will address some of the key issues surrounding climate change in Bolivia, especially the responses of indigenous Andean communities to the climate impacts they face. The event seeks to open a dialogue into how voices of those most affected by climate change can be included in the global conversation seeking solutions to the climate crisis. Friends of the Earth are co-hosting the event with the Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC), Comhlamh, and The Democracy Center.

"You can get a flavour of Sian's work in Bolivia in this short video, Seeds of Resilience, and this blog she wrote for the Ecologist magazine."