Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"We Make Our Own History" at 40% off this week

Apologies for sounding like Dunnes Stores but we want people to be able to get hold of this book while it's cheap...

Laurence Cox and Alf Nilsen's new book We Make Our Own History: Marxism and Social Movements in the Twilight of Neoliberalism is now available at 40% off through the Pluto Press website this week (Weds 1st Oct - Tues 7th) as part of their annual sale, bringing the price down to £10.20. To get this offer, click on and then the discount gets applied to all Pluto books on the site.

Short essays related to the book / excerpts are available on various activist and academic sites, as follows:

The centrality of popular agency (OpenDemocracy)
Resisting activist despair (Reflections On A Revolution)
Recovering theory for activist purposes (Pluto Press newsletter)
How social movements shape societies (Discover Society)
Understanding neoliberalism and its crisis (E-International Relations)
Are we in a revolutionary wave? (First of a series of three in Ceasefire)