Friday, 13 March 2015

Scholarships available to CEESA applicants this year

Along with the usual SUSI grants etc. the following scholarships are available from Maynooth:

1. Taught Masters Alumni Scholarships: 5,000 euro scholarship towards fees. Open to graduates of Maynooth University including graduating class 2015 who are applying to undertake a Taught Masters at Maynooth in September 2015. Closing 1st June:

2. 60 Taught Masters Scholarships of 2,000 euros - open to all Taught Masters applicants. First round of offers closing date is the 1st April 2015. Undergraduate students who have performed well in their penultimate summer exam results are encouraged to apply before the 1st April as their application will consider their penultimate results if they apply before 1st April. Final deadline is 1st June.

Of course none of this tackles the main issue which is state cutbacks on the grants both for fees and financial support - and the ever-increasing registration fees. But the only thing that will change that is effective popular struggle...