Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Changing the world and changing ourselves: activist sustainability / engaged Buddhism event

The MA CEESA is joining forces with Macalla Farm (yoga / meditation retreat centre and organic farm) to offer this event:

Social movements and communities can seem to be up against overwhelming odds at times. Personal burnout, organisational collapse and movement decline are all familiar experiences – taking energy, skills, networks and whole communities out of the fight. How can we sustain ourselves and our movements so as to bring about the really big transformations that are needed? And how can we bring more creativity, solidarity and liberation to our relationships with others who are struggling for change?

This six-day event explores sustainability in how we relate to our bodies, minds and emotions; in how we relate to each other in our movements, networks and communities; and in how we relate to the wider social and natural world. It draws on activist and community learning about personal and collective sustainability in action; the radical tools developed by engaged Buddhists in Asia and the west; and the practical experience of sustaining an organic farm with a broad ecological perspective. New campaigners facing the wall, experienced activists looking for inspiration and a bigger picture, and spiritual practitioners committed to change in the wider world will all benefit from this event.

A typical day will start with yoga and meditation (suitable for all levels from complete beginner). The morning will be workshop-style explorations of the theme of the day. In the afternoon there will be some free time as well as time spent getting more physical – helping with different aspects of the food cycle and spending time with our horses. Evening sessions around sunset will help us go deeper emotionally. There will be some periods of gentle silence and only limited Internet access, so the retreat will offer a bit of space from the busyness of our everyday lives. All of this in the wild and beautiful setting of Clare Island, with our delicious organic food to nourish both body and soul.

This course starts on Tuesday evening 17th May and ends on Sunday 22nd May before lunch.

This course is run on donation. Suggested contribution €250 to €750 (euros) to cover all meals (delicious organic vegetarian food, most vegetables grown on our farm), tuition / group sessions and five nights accommodation (sharing in twin/double rooms). Additional accommodation options are camping or a single room in a local airBnB.

We are happy to provide receipt and certification of course completion for those who are being funded to attend.

For more information about the course and Macalla, and to apply, go to http://macallafarm.ie/retreats-courses/changing-the-world-and-changing-ourselves-activist-sustainability-and-engaged-buddhism