Sunday, 10 July 2016

Marx-Engels Collected Works at Maynooth

The Dept of Sociology at Maynooth, together with the Depts of English and Anthropology, has just purchased the new electronic edition of the Marx and Engels Collected Works (in English) for the Maynooth library. Originally published by Lawrence and Wishart from 1977 – 2005, these 50 volumes constitute the largest available collection of translations of Marx and Engels. Covering the period from 1835 – 1895, the collection includes all their major theoretical, political and historical works, their journalistic writings and several volumes of correspondence. Overviews of the contents are available here and here. The electronic edition is fully searchable, an important step forward in relation to Marx and Engels’ voluminous and complex work. 

The founder of the German SPD, Wilhelm Liebknecht, recalled:
Marx went (to the British Museum library) daily and he urged us to go too. Study! Study!  That was the categoric injunction that we heard often enough from him. Marx was a stern teacher – he not only urged us to study, he made sure that we did so. 

Dr Eamonn Slater of the Dept of Sociology comments: “With this magnificent new electronic resource we here in Maynooth are provided with an amazing opportunity to study how Marx and Engels studied the real world, not just to interpret that world but crucially to change it.”

Maynooth staff and students can access this collection in various ways, including this link, the “eBooks and eJournals“ page or Project Muse’s site (from outside Maynooth you have to log in for off-campus access first.) The complete text can be searched using the “Search inside this series” box.