Thursday, 15 September 2016

Student activist weekend (Dublin, October)

People and Planet are organising an interesting-looking student activist weekend, hopefully free:

It's an exciting time for activism in Ireland at the minute as we're now starting to see students open their eyes and take action! At this weekend in October, students will be equipped with all the skills to run a campaign - how to plan strategic campaigns, get their cause into the media and organise creative actions.

It's set to be a very fun weekend packed with music and craic (and very cheap as we're hoping to keep the cost at €0)! Please see the attached documents for a rough guideline of the weekend. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me [crossonc AT] or check out our facebook event -


We are offering an opportunity for students across the country to network with one another and learn specific campaigning skills by taking part in engaging discussions and workshops. We want to welcome students who are already involved in activism or are new to the idea and want to learn more about how they can effect social change. 

This weekend will give you a chance to have discussions with like-minded people surrounding topics that interest you. Our workshops lend a space for you to share experiences and and gain practical skills for social change. Our main objective is for you to leave feeling energised with a supportive student network, relevant skills, campaign ideas and having made new friends.

People & Planet is a student network that exists in the UK and Ireland which campaigns to end world hunger, defend human rights and protect the environment. We’re a student-led movement that empowers young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to make change happen, at home and globally. We can give you specific training in campaigns such as Fossil Free, Sweatshop Free and Ethical Investment while also equip you with the necessary skills to campaign for any issue you feel passionate about.

The weekend will run workshops with experienced student campaigners but will also give you a chance to socialise as a group through various fun activities with the aim to build an empowered activist network in Ireland.