Sunday, 11 November 2018

A couple of free things...

Firstly a free book: Silence Would be Treason: Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa is now out in a second edition and available free online as a PDF. These are the letters of the indigenous environmental and human rights activist, framed and executed by the then Nigerian military dictatorship for his opposition to Shell's activities in the Niger Delta. Sent to Irish solidarity worker Majella McCarron, they were given to Maynooth library on foot of students' activism in Rossport.

Secondly a linked series of essays to go with the book Why Social Movements Matter: available at Colloquium, OpenDemocracy’s Transformation, the Ulex Project blog, Discover Society and Progress in Political Economy.

Lastly a shorter piece for Pluto Press on "the long shadow of 1968", coming out of Voices of 1968, a collection of texts from the movements of the late 60s and early 70s across a dozen countries (including Northern Ireland). For the year that's in it!