Tuesday, 25 June 2019

If you were hoping to do the Masters in activism...

... don't despair!

As you may have discovered the MA CEESA (Community Education, Equality and Social Activism) at Maynooth has been on ice for a few years now, thanks to cuts to postgraduate grants. Things may change, and we haven't totally given up on it for ever but ... there are no immediate plans to revive it either.

Sorry about that - we really loved doing it and it seemed like a really significant "intervention" (as they say).

What you might look at is the Ulex activist training centre in the Catalan Pyrenees, who run a wide range of serious courses for activists concerned about how to bring about significant social change. I'd (Laurence) particularly recommend the "Ecology of Social Movements" course, either in its full two-week version or its sawn-off one-week version - both excellent! (Full disclosure: I teach on the two-week version so I would say that.)

They operate on a gift economy basis which makes it possible both for broke activists and organisational staff to take part - well ahead of Irish universities on this particular score!

And some images to tempt you...