Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Ulex, social movements and the twilight of neoliberalism...

Two fantastic new resources from campaigns consultant Natasha Adams, who co-delivers the "Ecology of Social Movements" activist training course in Catalunya with Gee McKeown (ex-Campaign Against the Arms Trade), Maria Llanos (Spanish activist extraordinaire) and Laurence Cox:

Podcast "Social Movements in a Time of Monsters"

"Natasha Adams talks about social movements, the different actors involved in them and what kinds of strategies make sense in the current climate of uncertainty. In that context, we talk about how social movements can understand and address hegemonic power."

Blog "The Twilight of Neoliberalism?"

Develops a workshop from the training course about hegemony and how social movements can challenge it successfully.

"Ecology of Social Movements"

This is a link to the weeklong version - there is a two-week version in June 2020, details TBA.